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' She was one of the rare ones, so effortlessly herself, and the world loved her for it ' . Atticus MEET OUR MEMBERS

I am Petra Jones and just as many mumpreneurs like you; I started my first business with a BIG VISION. I wanted to build a global business with my children’s clothing brand.

While I knew everything about how to design garments and manufacture them, I had no clue how to market and sell my products and how to be the face of my brand.

I was confused and stressed and I went through several burnouts as well. Mostly I had no idea what worked online for my brand, where was my next client coming from and when. I found it difficult to stand out from the crowd of oversaturated designer children’s clothing.

I was hiding behind the brand and had a fear of being visible >>> READ MORE ABOUT PETRA HERE



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ZOE LAMONT is the founder of Sydney based online florist, Petal Post. Born out of her pure love of flowers and the joy they bring to others, Zoe started Petal Post to supply Sydney siders with fresh, affordable and beautiful blooms. Petal Post is different to all...

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How the space you work in can help inspire you

Walking into my home visitors instantly smell leather, akin to walking into a saddlery. Following that wild western aroma will lead you straight to my rustic retreat, my ideas portal, my creative hub, my business nook, my work space. I have a clothes rack, desk and...

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PODCAST: How to rock your launch with Facebook Ads

FARIDEH CEASER helps entrepreneurs launch big ideas, brilliantly. Farideh Ceaser is a musician turned launch strategist and she makes big ideas happen. IN THIS EPISODE I TALKED TO MUMPRENEUR FARIDEH ABOUT: her family and previous career her family and what it's like...

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Passionate about creating beautiful lil spaces

Mumpreneur Journey with Shah Bahpyu Driven, creative, caring, fun Your Business Name: Lil Spaces I was born to inspire I am passionate about creating beautiful spaces I strive for abundance through doing what I love I will never give up. My superpower is my focus and...

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PODCAST: How to start selling your products on Amazon

SOPHIE HOWARD In the past three years Sophie founded and grew a successful Amazon online business earning over one million USD in sales in Year One. Sophie just recently sold one of her 18 month old Amazon accounts for seven figures to a private investor. Sophie is...

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About Petra Jones

Petra is a podcaster, mumpreneur supporter and clothing designer. Her experience includes owning and designing her children's clothing label and running a business for almost six years. Petra recently found her authentic voice when she launched her podcast, The Mumpreneur Show.

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