I am Petra Jones and just as many mumpreneurs like you; I started my first business with a BIG VISION. I wanted to build a global business with my children’s clothing brand.

While I knew everything about how to design garments and manufacture them, I had no clue how to market and sell my products and how to be the face of my brand.

I was confused and stressed and I went through several burnouts as well. Mostly I had no idea what worked online for my brand, where was my next client coming from and when. I found it difficult to stand out from the crowd of oversaturated designer children’s clothing.

I was hiding behind the brand and had a fear of being visible >>> READ MORE ABOUT PETRA HERE


5 Key Elements You Need For Business Success

Running your own business is exciting and rewarding, especially when you start to see the results of your hard work. However, just starting your business and getting it online is not enough. If you want your business to thrive and grow, there are a few things to keep...

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How to create and launch your e-course

KATHRYN HOCKING is a launch e-course expert and e-course strategist. She loves working with passion-fuelled ladies to create, design, launch and sell kick-ass profitable e-courses and digital programs to help them build freedom-based lifestyle businesses of their...

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Born to explore how to be free and connected

Mumpreneur Journey with Trish Everett Seeker of Truths Your Business Name: Trish Everett I was born to explore how to be free and be connected I am passionate about radical belonging I strive to understand duality I will never give up learning My superpower is deep...

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How to be a genius public speaker

CARRIE SHARPE is a Communication Consultant, and Speaker at He says, She says. Carrie believes that the foundation of every great relationship is effective communication, so she loves to help people overcome communication challenges and strengthen their relationships....

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Creating evergreen marketing model for your business

JESSICA NAZARALI knew from an early age that personal development would be part of her life’s work. But it wasn’t until she started a passion project – a blog and health food website in 2011- that Jessica’s dream came to fruition. Today, Jessica merges business with...

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How to gain free publicity using crowdsourcing site

BEC DERRINGTON is a very experienced public relations and marketing strategist who after the birth of her 1st child started the Wagging Tongues consultancy. Bec is also the founder of SourceBottle, which is a free and easy-to-use crowdsourcing platform which has now...

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How to create an online summit in your niche

CASEY LIGHTBODY created  space to support women with small voices but big dreams. Empowered Women Revolution is about helping sensitive and quiet women to find their voices,  being challenged, to collaborate  and to feel empowered by each other and not being held...

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How to overcome fear and raise our energy frequency

SHANA EKEDAL is a Holistic Nutrition Expert and expert on how to raise energy frequency. Shana Ekedal is an educator and a trailblazer in the area of mind, body, and spirit wellness.  She is the host of 'Be Well Live' which is a live interactive online show featuring...

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