I love a fabulous flatlay pic, and I am a huge fan of using them on Instagram and Pinterest. I know they are a backbone for many bloggers and brand product accounts on social media. So what does it take to get a perfect flatlay Instagram image? It may not be easy at the beginning; it may take some time and practice. Sometimes valuable advice from someone with experience can take our attempts to the next level. That’s why I’ve enlisted the help of Holly Elson from TopKnot Girl to take us in 7 steps to a perfect flatlay.


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1. Getting the space

  • When taking a flay-lay photograph, make sure to find a well-lit space. Natural light is best, especially as most of us work from home or a small studio, and may not have access to lighting and equipment.
  • Source some different textures for your base. Materials, a bedsheet, canvas, throw rugs, fur, wool, linen, and so on. An array of textures gives you a choice when playing with your styling.
  • Have a stool or step ladder handy. Height is important, and you can get better shots/angles when you’ve got the option to step up higher.
  • Use a camera or a high-quality phone camera.

2. Have an array of pieces for styling

  • Once you’ve decided on the product you’re featuring, you will need to source some items to theme with it.
  • Think colours, shapes and textures – timber, metallics, fabrics and foliage will create interest to your photograph.
  • Theme relatable items such as other products that suit your feature product – this creates a story.

3. Lay out your product and styling pieces

  • It’s important to decide on your chosen pieces, with the ability to remove some if necessary.
  • Lay them out together to make sure your story is working.

4. Play with your flatlay

  • Begin with your largest item. Lay it down and position it first.
  • Work other items in around the biggest item. If that item isn’t your focal piece, make sure your focal piece stands out. Overlap it or create interest by directing the eye to it.
  • Try folding or scrunching clothing or fabric pieces. Bend or loop jewellery for more texture.
  • Cover labels/brands if they aren’t your focus piece. You don’t want these to distract from your focal point.
  • Be aware of reflection in items.

5. Take your shot

  • In fact, take about 20 shots. Play with angles and have some fun.
  • Adjust lighting and tweak product positioning if needed.

6. Edit your image

  • Most images will need editing. Use apps to adjust shadows, brightness, warmth and clarity. Play around with different ideas and discover what works for you.

7. Post your flatlay

  • Post your masterpiece. Use it for social media, your website, emails and more!
  • Enjoy your hard work and watch the likes and comments roll in!
  • Use your images over and over. Share it often and be proud of your work!


BUSINESS:  TopKnot Girl