How many times did you wake up with an incredible business idea floating around in your head?

Let me guess, you felt dizzy with excitement, had a million thoughts clashing together all at once, and you just couldn’t wait to start working on it?

You’re ready to explore these ideas as this could be your next big business adventure and all of a sudden; the mood shifts, self-doubt creeps in and with it often many excuses and reasons why our fabulous ideas aren’t so fantastic anymore.
I truly believe we all experienced this in our business and some of the common reasons why most of our ideas won’t ever see the light of success may include some of the following reasons:
  • not having enough money, so why bother
  • worries about not being original
  • what if no one will buy it
  • I am not good enough, or I don’t know enough
  • I don’t think I will find enough time with young children still at home with me. I will be too distracted. It just won’t work.
  • what if I fail, how embarrassing
  • someone else is doing something similar, so I missed my chance, back to the drawing board to come up with a new idea

And the list goes on, doesn’t it!

Twisting our mind into a positive mode and sustaining it is tricky sometimes but I know it can be done and I know we can all do it. We can beat that little negative voice in our head!
One of the things that help me daily to stay focused and active with my business ideas is outlining my tasks and prioritising.
If you would like to use my daily planner, click the link below to get your FREE printable daily planner and start being intentional every day with your business ideas.
How did you overcome negative self-talk? Let me know in comments below
Stay inspired and set your daily tasks.
Petra x