My 7 Must Have WordPress Plugins I Use To Run My Business Online

I am often asked questions about plugins I use on my WordPress site, and so I’ve decided to compile a list of my favourite plugins for you. I currently run three websites, and I use free versions of these plugins on most of them. While my recommendations might tempt you to install these plugins, I would like to point out that sometimes plugins might create conflicts depending on the theme or other plugins you might be using already. These are simply recommendations from my personal experience.

1. Yoast SEO

I love this free plugin with the simple metadata optimisation choices, easy to use snippet editor and opportunity to use different images and descriptions for social media platforms; Facebook and Twitter. It also offers a visual traffic light like scoring system to calculate how you are doing with your SEO per post, page, etc.

2. Pretty Link Lite

a free plugin that allows you to create short URLs that look pretty. What I mean is that you might create a blog post which will have long URL but using pretty link will allow you to track and make your URLs shorter, easier to remember and share. Great to use for links other than your own, such as affiliate links.

3. Facebook Conversion Pixel

this free plugin allows you to place your Facebook pixels on any post or page you create on your website. You can simply paste your code in a designated post or page area and forget about it.

4. Jetpack

this is something that is installed with your WordPress however you have to activate it manually by connecting your WP account. Jetpack is a simple metrics tool for measuring traffic and activity to your site. It’s like a simplified version of Google Analytics available on your WordPress dashboard.

5. SumoMe

offers free tools to grow your Email List, Social Sharing and Analytics. I have been using their free pop-up forms to collect more email subscribers and heat maps to see where visitors are clicking on the site.

6. AccessPress Social Share

this free plugin to help you share your content across various social media platforms. Super easy to set up and use. You can choose which social media icons you want to display and where in your post.

7. Click to Tweet

this free plugin allows you to add tweetable quotes to your blog posts or page content without coding skills. Looks great as well and helps with sharing your content on Twitter.

Do you use different plugins? I would love to hear your favourite ones so please leave a comment with your recommendations.