talking about small business ideas with biz mums and Petra Jones

The Mumpreneur Show is focused on highly motivated mumpreneurs who are willing to share their tips and knowledge of their working journey as well as the joys and challenges of being a Mum.

Petra Jones, the host of this show recognised there is a  constant and continuing search amongst the mums in business for better solutions around business start up, online business or being a mompreneur.  On this show, Petra Jones interviews business mums who are entrepreneurs, bloggers, makers of handmade products, social media gurus and guests that are an extremely motivating force for an audience who wants education, inspiration to help them grow their small business ideas.

So if you are ready to make positive and intentional changes to your business and personal life, sit back, relax and enjoy the show. We hope you will find inspiration to start your very own business journey!

How to create and launch your e-course

KATHRYN HOCKING is a launch e-course expert and e-course strategist. She loves working with passion-fuelled ladies to create, design, launch and sell kick-ass profitable e-courses and digital programs to help them build freedom-based lifestyle businesses of their...

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How to be a genius public speaker

CARRIE SHARPE is a Communication Consultant, and Speaker at He says, She says. Carrie believes that the foundation of every great relationship is effective communication, so she loves to help people overcome communication challenges and strengthen their relationships....

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How to create an online summit in your niche

CASEY LIGHTBODY created  space to support women with small voices but big dreams. Empowered Women Revolution is about helping sensitive and quiet women to find their voices,  being challenged, to collaborate  and to feel empowered by each other and not being held...

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Petra Jones

Petra Jones

Petra Jones – Founder

I am Petra Jones and just as many mumpreneurs like you; I started my first business with a BIG VISION. I wanted to build a global business with my children’s clothing brand.
While I knew everything about how to design garments and manufacture them, I had no clue how to market and sell my products and how to be the face of my brand.
I was confused and stressed and I went through several burnouts as well. Mostly I had no idea what worked online for my brand >>> READ MORE ABOUT PETRA HERE


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