Karen Mc Dermott

Karen Mc Dermott

Publisher / mentor / public speaker / writer

Serenity Press and Making Magic Happen Academy

www.serenitypress.org     www.makingmagichappenacademy.com

Karen Mc Dermott

Karen Mc Dermott

Serenity Press/ Making Magic Happen Academy

Serenity Press and Making Magic Happen Academy

www.makingmagichappenacademy.com     www.serenitypress.org

Karen is a proud mum of six beautiful children ranging from 1 to 20. She is originally from Ireland but emigrated to Australia in 2008 with her husband. Her heart is in two lands.

“I am passionate that we all have an authentic story to share. Words can give hope, inspire and share love, there is a lot of power in channeling energy through writing. I am passionate about sharing quality books and creating opportunities for emerging writers through Serenity Press and through my Making Magic Happen academy I aim to inspire others to believe that magic is possible for them also. Everyone can have whatever their heart desires when they believe that they can and allow room for magic to enter their lives. It is a choice not an unacheiveable dream.”

Karen’s superpower is being authentic and true to her intentions. She has made magic happen in her life and business. She has so much knowledge to share and loves helping other like-minded souls make magic happen in their lives.

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