Mumpreneur Journey with Trish Everett

Seeker of Truths

Your Business Name: Trish Everett

I was born to explore how to be free and be connected

I am passionate about radical belonging

I strive to understand duality

I will never give up learning

My superpower is deep understanding

I believe in magic

Tell us about your family and where you’re from?
I am a single mum of two vibrant girls. We live together with our puppy, Luno in a purple house in Bega in the Far South Coast of NSW. Before I was a mum and lived here, I moved around. I lived in lots of different places, including big cities, remote desert communities and a cottage in the forest.

What is your business?
My business is all about connection. I specialise in helping my clients to connect with themselves, so they can embody confidence and communicate their message with resonance and truth. Through a combination of wellness and business coaching as well as using somatic and narrative methods, clients clear the pathways to playing their big game. With my 3-step ‘B connection” framework, clients build a connected approach to success. For the last ten years, my passion has been supporting people to take connected action.

What inspired you to start your business?
Inspiration to start my business came from 3 places. First was the onslaught of ideas about how to empower and support people to connect. I filled notebook after notebook with ideas, research and frameworks of how this would be possible. The second was my need to use these ideas in a way that fit with my life as a single mum in a country town. These ideas were not going to fit into a local area job, let alone one that would fit into my single mum hours. The third one is a bit sneakier. It seems that my own personal journey is very much tied up with the challenges that I have faced as a mumpreneur.

How did you start your business?
My business began with the notebooks, the brainstorming with a colleague, then to my first coaching clients. From there, blog writing and group coaching circles in my lounge room blooming into an online business with clients all over the world.

What has been the biggest challenge in running your business?
My biggest challenge in my business has been about framing up what I do. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur and a systems thinker, I love to be able to zoom out to the big picture and then right into the details and see how it all connects. At times my business has been too vague, and at others, it has been precise but too limiting to hold my interests. My search for just the right frame to put my business in continues to this day.

How did you overcome this challenge? 
In working with this challenge being kind to myself have been so important. My inner perfectionist could totally have a field day with all the experimenting I have been up to. I think the bigger lesson in this challenge has been learning to trust in the journey. All the lessons that we learn in business aren’t always just about business. Sometimes the lessons are bigger than that.

What has been the most valuable resource or tool that helped you advance your business?
If I had to pick one tool or resources that have helped me in my business, it would be other entrepreneurs. I have had wonderful business buddies that I have spoken to on a regular basis, coaches and mentors that I have worked with and online groups full of supportive people who are on the same journey as me.

What are your tips for increasing productivity?
Once I become a mum, my ability to be productive went through the roof. I think it was that I just had small pockets of time to get stuff done and then when that time was gone, it was gone. I have four tips for getting into that productive vibe. Firstly to look at what productivity means for you and where you want to spend time in your life. Next to have boundaries in place so that on one area of your life gets all your time and energy. I also find connecting to the reason behind your work can get you juiced up and more easily in the productive flow. And finally, when getting stuff done doesn’t come naturally, then use a 25-minute timer followed by a body break to get the wheels turning.

What is your favourite social media platform and why?
At the moment most of my social media energy and success is coming from Facebook groups. By posting in these groups I have become part of a community, and I have built a strong ‘know like trust’ relationship. 90% of my clients come out of these groups. My strategy is based on a daily posting that is on message, and that is more about connecting than selling.

Did you have any fears that were holding you back at any stage of your business journey?
I feel like the mumpreneur journey is all about overcoming small fears, and some bigger ones too. For me, it have been layer of being seen and being vulnerable that have tripped me up, But as I faced each one, it got easier,

What do you love about being a mumpreneur?
I love the freedom of being a mumpreneur. That I can build my business around the times that I don’t have my children. That I have the flexibility to follow what I am most passionate about in the bits of time when my kids don’t need me… and when they do, I can be there for them.

What business book would you recommend to read?
Books I would recommend… so many. I love the Big Leap by Gay Hendricks for the mindset. Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestley has changed the way I think about promoting my biz and Profit First by Mike Michalowicz has helped the way I work with my money.

How do you push through the difficult times and maintain motivation?
I have a number of approaches to the difficult times. Sometimes it is to step away, go for a dance or a swim and come back to it with a shifted energy. Sometimes I need to write and see what is lying below the surface, Other times I need to hang with my people, talk it through and feel understood.

How do you care for your wellbeing?
Caring for my own wellbeing is so important to me. It means time for my body, my mind, and my spirit to follow a path that each of these parts is called to. It means checking in with myself though out the day to see what I am needed to be well and happy. My head gets pretty wrapped up in whatever I am doing so this is an important practice to make sure I remember to even get the eating and sleep basics in.

If you had an opportunity to start over, with your current knowledge, what would you do differently?
If I was to start over now, I don’t know what I would do differently. I don’t really know how to answer that. There are lots of different little things I am sure that I would do.

What is your top tip for any Mumpreneur wanting to start a business?
My top tip for anyone wanting to start a business is to believe in yourself. And just keep on doing that.

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