Did you ever experience that feeling that you are supposed to do something bigger in your life?

Something more meaningful with your life?

Did you ever sense this nudging feeling that different purpose is waiting for you? That this isn’t all there is?

I am familiar with it myself; I remember all too well going through these sensations of knowing something more is waiting for me before I started my first business.
It was an exhilarating feeling but also overwhelming and terrifying at the same time because while I knew this was the beginning of something new and exciting, back then I didn’t have any idea where to start.

I asked myself over and over: ‘What is my purpose?’

What is it that I am supposed to do? I have these incredible feelings but what am I suppose to do now?

I wasn’t clear on my direction; I lacked clarity, I felt stuck.

And to be completely honest, even today, when I am on my way to do what I love, I still go through phases of feeling stuck and letting doubts and procrastination to hold me momentarily back.

This isn’t just a phase that happens at the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey. It’s an ongoing, recurring state, the rollercoaster of excitement and frustrations that go with this course.


  • Create a space and time for yourself to help you discover your purpose, to help you plan your path and dream about your successful future.


  1. How much time can I find to do this?
  2. How often can I do this?
  3. Where will I feel most comfortable to do this?
Make the arrangements and start showing up for your future! Start dreaming.

Petra x

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